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Helping to connect and strengthen the bond between people and animals
Honoring the wisdom, love, and compassion
As we remember our purpose with them

~ Lori Pacheco



What is Telepathic Communication?

Animal communication or telepathic communication is the connection made through focused mental telepathy from one soul to another.

Telepathic communication is the universal language that all animals use to allow thoughts, feelings, words, and images to be exchanged creating a two - way conversation. Read more

How can an Animal Communicator help?

There are many different reasons to schedule a consultation with an animal communicator. What I have found time after time is that while clients seek understanding and resolution surrounding issues, it is the love that is felt between a client and their animal that is the basis for contacting me. My goal and intention for every consult is to assist you in making that connection. to learn more: follow this link animal communication

If you have experienced the loss of an animal companion you may be seeking help in making the connection once again and in finding help in managing the pain from your grief. With the deepest compassion and empathy I offer sessions with animals in spirit, in hopes that you may make that connection and once again experience the love you shared. Visit my pet loss page to learn more.

I sometimes use a healing modality called Reiki in my animal communication work. It has been my experience that Reiki with animals facilitates healing the physical, emotional, mental, and physical bodies during and after a consultation. I encourage you to Read more about this healing opportunity.


Our dog Ford is healthy,happy, and loving life . Two months ago he was diagnosed with Parvo. While under veterinarian care he was quarantined. Ford was very weak, frightened, lonely, and thinking he may die.

Devastated and heartbroken we contacted Lori Pacheco Animal Communicator. At our request Lori communicated with Ford and sent him Reiki. Thank you Lori for your comfort in our time of need. Forever grateful, Al & Helen, California

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